We offer three versions of traveling on an endure motorcycle

Motorcycle tour in the Carpathians – the extreme trip on a motorcycle

Do you want to have a good weekend? How about extreme tours full of adrenaline and unforgettable experiences. We suggest you to order a motorcycle tour in the Carpathians – traveling on an enduro motorcycle on the mountain routes of Transcarpathia.

You will receive a fascinating thrill of traveling on a motorcycle on the unresolved routes with an untouched nature.

Enduro tours – it’s not only a traveling on a motorcycle, it’s a kind of test of strength, courage and endurance. After all, it is not so easy to reach the top. A team of experienced instructors will help you to conquer the summit and to prove to yourself “I can do all things”. Here you can choose the motorcycle tour in the Carpathians, depending on the ability to ride a motorcycle.

If you want to see the natural beauty of the Carpathians in an unusual way, choose a motorcycle tour for beginners. These travels on a motorcycle will help you to learn how to ride your motorcycle, you will be able to conquer the summits and to visit the places where you can not get on foot.

Fascinating moto tour in the Carpathians. Selected routes run on a variety of roads

We offer to the more experienced riders who would always sit on the bike to ride a motorcycle on the bad roads to the rocky mountain peaks. But that’s not all. If you are looking for a real adventure and you are ready to overcome any obstacles, to conquer the most difficult trails, the extreme motorcycle tours in the Carpathians – it is exactly what you need.

Extreme motorcycle tours for two days will give you the most memorable moments of the trip to the mountain slopes of the Carpathians. In addition, we can make an individual route of the motorcycle tour, taking into account the wiches of the customer. Diversify your vacation: paint the gray days in bright colors, try yourself or just spend time with your friends, enjoying a trip on a motorcycle.

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