Guided Tour Crossing the Carpathians

Guided Tour for 2 days and 1 night – Crossing the Carpathians, leaving the mountains

Departure from the hotel, private sector, through a route. B. Digging, whose residents constantly drink water from the source. The village fell into the Ukrainian Book of Records for the number of living twins (due to the use of structured water containing a population tsynka elements).

The village Iza – Transcarpathian capital of basket weaving

There are baskets of various shapes and purposes, different types of wicker furniture, strollers for dolls, wicker rocking chairs, wooden garden small and not very Carriers, all sorts of strange other products.
All this hangs on the walls , scattered across the grass whole slides and still attracts the eye with its unique “golden colors”. At the request of the purchase of souvenirs and gifts.2 3 4


Deer Farm in with Lypcha

Breeding brought from Russia spotted deer. Only, not only in the Carpathian region and in Ukraine, the deer farm, located near the district center (Hust) namely, between the villages of Iza and Lypcha. 5 6 7

Visiting the museum “Stare Selo” in the village Kolochava

(10 existing museums) This is the first rural museum of architecture and life in Transcarpathia, which reproduces the material, spiritual and cultural life in Verkhovyna. The museum is located in an area which is called “chertezhik” under Polonyna Red. Already today has dozens of residential and farm buildings with household objects and works of art of XIX -XX centuries Ukrainian mountaineers to Kolochava.

Kolochava united culture Hutsul, Boyko, Lemko, Hungarians, Romanians, Germans, Jews, Czechs and Slovaks. Visitors today can see the house forge 30-40 – ies of XX century with the instruments of labor, a collection from all over Ukraine and the house of the Hungarian gendarmerie.

Museum ” Kolochavskaya Narrow Gauge Railway “, which is located next to the Museum ” Old Village “.

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Olshansky reservoir

Carpathian Sea – a huge surface of the water surface which reflects the mountains – an amazing and unforgettable sight . The length of the water table – 9 km, width – about 1 km. Olshansky reservoir, which arose after the construction of the dam in the middle of the XX century for the hydroelectric power needs in the waters which interred historic village Olshany. A huge dam 40 meters high and wild nature next to it create a unique atmosphere of calm and harmony.


Lake Synevir

Synevir Lake, the village Sinevirskaya Polyana. Lake Synevir is the largest and one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in the Carpathians. It is also called “Marine Eye”, “Pearl of the Carpathians”. The lake appeared as a result of a blockage in the intermountain region of the Transcarpathian region near the village of Polyana Synevyrska .

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Visit rehabilitation center brown bears

The national natural park “Synevir” in the Transcarpathian region opened a unique a rehabilitation center for brown bears in. Employees bear Estes shelter created ent conditions for recovery animals, abused, victims of natural disasters.17 18

Stopping near the mineral springs and Kelechinskaya, Soymivskaya

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On the way stop at the pass Synevyrska

On Synevyrska Pass You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Carpathian nature, take pictures, take a breath of mountain air, but also to buy the Carpathian healing tea, mushrooms and berries.zz z

Stopping near Museum Forest and Alloy

A short history of the museum, as well as familiarize stories.

In the middle of the XIX century on the Black River two dams for timber floating have been built from the mountains into the valley. One of these dams, designed by Austrian engineer Klause , just above it, and the only one in Europe Forest Museum has been arranged and alloy.ww w

Stopping near the defense line Arpad 1939 – 1944 years.

A short introduction to the history preserved bunkers from World War II .
600 -kilometer line of defense, consisting of a chain of individual defense units , built in 1943-44. Hungarian troops against the advancing Soviet army. In order to counteract the movement of military equipment series of concrete pyramids were placed on the roads, many of which have survived to this day. Due to the fact that the brunt of the Soviet troops caused in the other direction, pillboxes “Arpad Line” . They were abandoned by the retreating Hungarian troops without a fight .

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Visiting the waterfall spikes to Pylypets

Shipot Waterfall – one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Transcarpathia. It located in the mountains on the outskirts of the village of Pilipets.Prozvan Shipot loud voice that can be heard from a distance like a whisper.
Water falls in waterfall numerous picturesque cascades, charming views of tourists. The origin of the stream takes on high Borzhavski Valleys. The waterfall is especially beautiful in spring, when melting snow, and autumn, during the rainy season. In summer the waterfall is a small stream cascading cascade several rocky ledges. The total height of the waterfall of 14 m. Every year from 7 to 10 July celebrating Midsummer with local traditions and color. Participation in the celebrations take all comers.

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Chairlift s.Pilipets , chair lift long 1650 meters are located on the northern slope of Mount Guimba (1497 m) height difference between the lower and upper stations is 430 m. Kreselki 15 minutes. Takes visitors to the upper station at an altitude of 1163 m  above the sea level.

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Shipping to / Railway station in Volovets or return to Mukachevo

Departure home.

Total time tourist travel : 48 hours.

The total length of the tourist route : 420 km.

The tour is conducted from two to seven people .

Total cost:

  • guide services;
  • rent a van;
  • fuel.

Not included:

  • accommodation;
  • food;
  • entrance tickets for visits to museums and places of interest.

To this tour you need to spend the night in the area Mizhgirya ( assist in selecting and booking a hotel or lodging place of the private sector).

If desired, customers have the opportunity to arrange a tour with Ekstrimalnoy spice to the implementation of an overnight stay in tents around the campfire with a separate cooking dinner and breakfast ( additional charge for rental of tourist accessories 30 UAH per person , includes dishes , pots for cooking , tea , coffee , for an overnight stay korematy , sleeping bags , tents )

Services are provided on a comfortable minibus VW Transporter Т 4.



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