My first contact with the bike!

o5  Arriving once more in one of the most beautiful edges of our country – the Carpathians, as usual, a great time with your friends in Mukachevo and its surroundings.
Having a picnic on the nature and thermal baths Koshino, we decided to move to a more extreme rest. Since the street was the end of spring and beautiful summer weather, given that 2 of my friends have had the experience of riding on motorcycles choice fell on Enduro Tour …
Moreover, thanks to our friends from Mukachevo, we know who to ask for his organization. So, in the evening for a beer a decision is made to start the morning!
Anton Taras (those two of my friends) in the morning were in good spirits, looking forward to fun pokatushki, though no longer a sit in motorcycle saddle … I have the mood was a little different, in general, I like extreme, but the experience of riding a motortechnique it was 0, and sickly jitters present. But nowhere to go, the kid said – boy did.
Organization engaged in extreme tour our friends the guys from Mukachevo Viktor and Vitaly. Not so long ago, they began to provide such services, set up a website ( and engaged in the popularization of a new kind of tourist attractions – Motorcycle tours over rough terrain.
Since the company is not too we have experienced, we decided to start a drive on forest roads and tarmac (it to me). It Said – done in the morning at the appointed guys we brought in a beautiful flat forest not far from Mukachevo. Naturally, no special equipment on a trip in the Carpathian region we are not taken, but this is not a problem. All the necessary uniforms, including protection, boots motocross, etc. It was our organizer and Vitali Victor. The first changed clothes and went to experienced – Taras and Anton.
Before that, I still doubted what he saw as a confident and sometimes dashingly they controlled motorcycles, decided that we should definitely try to go. That suited my turn, Victor helps change in lap jitters stronger …. To listen to instruction, I exercise work with the gears and brakes and now sit in a helmet and full gear on the beautiful enduro bike, experiencing sensations akin riders toured the mustangs in the wild west!
Several training starts to learn to feel the throttle, Victor running alongside tips – all merged into a single image, mute motor and ever pounding heart.
And here comes the moment when you break away from the instructor and you realize that it all depends on you! Fear and excitement together for a moment in a unique range of feelings, but then drowned out by the mass of adrenaline and nor incomparable feeling of conquering the top of another – I did it! Gas, clutch, transmission, gas re – turned out! Now you have to slow down! Soooo, first foot on the pedal, remember that the hand as a last resort – is, I stand! Start eating more and, hiding from the eyes of friends and trainers, with his back feeling they get sick and experience. It’s time to turn, fed up with 1st and second, it is necessary to try the third – have happened already and the food does not roll J) Oh, had not been, it is necessary to 4th try – dy-huuu flew with the wind! Here again one can see our group. I stop, I get congratulations on the successful launch and long be late again ahead! With every hundred meters get more and more confident, but my head is spinning thinking how this bike can cost and how you can get the right categories for motorcycles J) and of course how to not fall J Just a couple of flights on the tarmac back and forth, all ok, wings up, you feel almost a pro, and the proposal to call in the forest does not seem so crazy … Keep! An attempt to call on the narrow path, the first fall in the low speed instantly sobering and reminds us to be careful.
Return to practice on tarmac! Kata and Kata have, but all good things sooner or later ends, and you have to leave already become loyal and obedient iron friend …. Full of emotions are changing, with an indescribable pleasure to drink with friends beer (good cafes started near J) and understand that the motorsport virus from the body is now not withdraw … I regret to say bikes – until we meet again!