Rent a motorcycle enduro

A rent of the motorcycles endure

With years of experience of extreme cross-country driving on the different models and types of the motorcycles, we have determined the most appropriate, best-in-class motorcycles enduro suitable for use in the natural conditions of the proposed routes. These are so-called “chekushki”, with an engine capacity of 250 cubic meters and an air cooling system.

Why we choose the motorcycles enduro? Unlike the motorcycles of other modifications these units are highly reliable, simple to operate and easy to use (light weight) and have an air cooling system that reduces the risk of failure in off road and mountain trails.


We offer you the choice of 4 models of the motorcycles enduro: kawasaki Super Sherpa KL 250,Honda XR 250, Yamaha TTR 250. Naturally, all the motorcycles enduro have the similar basic characteristics, but the models of the different manufacturers differ in significant individual characteristics that the rider must consider when he choose one or another unit. For example, the motorcycles enduro kawasaki Super Sherpa KL 250 have been designed for people of medium height, with a weight of 90 kg and an increase of not more than 180 cm. Anyone who is not of these parameters and are riding on it, will not get pleasure and it may even create some discomfort – but we will not allow it!

The undeniable advantage of this model is its tractor pull, guaranteeing the conquest of every mountain or of any recovery, certainly with the help of air experienced instructor.

As for such motorcycles enduro as Honda XR 250 and Yamaha TTR 250, they differ quite a decent seat height (875 mm) and are suitable for people with an increase of not less than 175 cm. Otherwise, the rider of the low growth will be forced to put the bike on its side with the each stop, rather  than just to set food on the ground. One unit weights 100 kg.

We will help you to avoid these errors in order to get only positive emotions during an unforgettable rest.



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