Petros – 2020: photo report mileage

Petros – 2020 gave endurists new impressions and a good team spirit.  

The annual holiday of Ivan Kupala

The mountains met endurists with beautiful weather and picturesque landscapes.

One-day tour of the tops of Transcarpathia with guests from Odessa

Transcarpathia was visited by guests from Odessa.

Carpathian Mountains Trophy 2017: photo report of the event

The next festival Carpathians Trophy 2017 was wonderful!

A two-day trip to the beautiful places of Transcarpathia

Summer … Nature … Motorcycles …

A two-day enduro trip to the mountains

The next two-day enduro trip was a success!

Motor season opening 2017

The new motor season 2017 started successfully!

The first spring enduro ride after a long winter

The first spring enduro ride after a long winter!

The two-day trip 08-09.10.2016

Autumn 08-09.10.2016 two-day trip has not passed without surprises from nature ..

Day trip – 10.02.2016

Our autumn trip in the mountains 2 October 2016 was successful as ever. Our autumn trip to the mountains was successful as ever. Watch as we […]

Competition Trophy Carpathians – the village Holubyne, Svaliava district

As part of Moto Enduro events are held every year Dzhipeprov competition and already as a tradition, enduro competitions.

The two-day enduro tour 28-29.05.2016

Writing about his experiences emotions, feelings, impressions of the done route, obstacles and a lot of interesting things can be, but if briefly – simply excellent […]

Participation in competitions Mototourism in Tyachiv region of Transcarpathia

Moto competition within the enduro tours of off-road vehicles, which took place from 13 to 15 April 2016 Tyachiv district, Transcarpathian region, has presented to participants […]

The two-day Travel on mountain Rune 23-24.04.2016

All the same, the weather in the mountains of Transcarpathia at the same time highly varied and contrasting.

Attending and participating in a volunteer in a shelter for tourists on the mountain Javornik

09.04.2016-10.042016 held visiting and participating in a volunteer in a shelter for tourists on g.Yavornik. This shelter is located on the mountain Javornik Velyky district at […]

Opening of season 03.04.2016

03/04/2016 Opening of season turned out great. After a remarkable pokatuh all gathered together and celebrated this important event and have some fun. While most of […]

A trip to Mount Stand

29-30 October organize trips to Mount Stand. It was more of a trip – the dedication to enduristy for our beginners enduristov Elijah and Mary.

Competitions “Carpathians Trophy-2015”

16-18 October 2015 held a competition of extreme sports enthusiasts, dirt and impressions The stunned – “Karpaty trophy.” Venue: Ukraine, Transcarpathian region, Svalyava district, village Slim.

Pokatushki weekend on enduro bikes

It was a great day, the cheerful company, adrenaline super vacation. Come to us to ride enduro motorcycles!

A day trip on the route Mukachevo – Pylypets

A day trip from the city of Mukachevo – Pylypets village on Borzhavski ridges across the city Stand.

Enduro pokatushki 5 days from 06.07 at 07.07 visiting and taking part of the pagan holiday of Ivan Kupala on the waterfall Shipot

Enduro pokatushki for 5 days, departure from 07.03.2015 on 07.07.2015, the total length of the route was 432 km, with striations Mukachevo to Ust Black Tyachiv […]

Photos from a trip to the 27.05 – 29.05 length of 3 days 2 nights, the total mileage of 280 km

From experience, you can highlight interesting adventures, incredible scenery, beyond emotion, adrenaline and permanent positive state.

Opening enduro season 2015: photo

The opening took place on 04.26.2015 enduro season, the render photo-moto enduro tours with the opening of the season.