The one-day sightseeing tour of Mukachevo

We offer individual one-day sightseeing tour of Mukachevo Mukachevo district and attractions

Meeting at the railway / train station Mukachevo

  • Transfer to hotel, private sector (optional breakfast in a place or in a cafe).

Mukachevo castle Palanok – the card of Mukachevo

Few sights in Ukraine similar to this. The castle is located on the hill of volcanic origin, 68 meters high and covers an area of ​​13,930 m². The exact date of foundation of the castle is unknown, but in the documents, which date from the XI century, it has already mentioned.

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The village Carpaty. Inspection hunting castle of Count Schonborn

Schonborn Castle is one of the most colorful among preserved castles in Transcarpathia, located in the center of the Transcarpathian region. In a small village between the Carpathian Mukachevo and Svaliava.

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Mukachevo district, tne village Chenadievo, Chenadievsky Castle St. Miklos

Tourists will see when flares, plunging into the atmosphere of secrets and mysteries of his lords, knights and romantic tales of beautiful women who are partial in their time the whole of Europe. Baron Pereni built this castle at the turn of 14-15 centuries. He suffered numerous rearrangements, acquired in the final features of the Romanesque fortifications.

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Skakalo – Waterfall, located in the tract Nizhneye Grabovische.

A small waterfall with an unusual name is located in a picturesque location. The name derives from the water falling from rock to rock.

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Visit only in Transcarpathia private workshop for the production of artistic souvenir candles with the possibility of an individual to participate in making them (the private sector)

Art candles are a unique decoration, able to warm and delight, to transform and amaze the world with its unique beauty, colors and shapes.

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Sightseeing walk through Mukachevo, familiarity with the sights of this small European town

For centuries sped different political storm, it was a part of Hungary, Galicia-Volyn principality, Austria-Hungary, Czechoslovakia, the Soviet Union, now the city as part of an independent Ukrainian state. Mukachevo became a home for people of different nationalities. (Palace of the Princes Rakoczy “White House, 1667-1748 gg., Mukachevo St. Nicholas Convent 1360-1806 gg., The central Town Hall XX century, Walk the promenade r. Latoritsa). Free time.

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The price includes:

  • guide services guide
  • rent a van;
  • fuel;

The price Not included:

  • accommodation;
  • food;
  • entrance fees for museums and attractions.

Total travel time: 8 – 9 hours.

The total length of the route: 100 km.

The tour is conducted from two to eight people.

Total cost: 850 UAH .


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