Extreme Motorcycle tours of the lake Synevir

Summer extreme ride on a motorcycle on the lake Synevir

If you enjoy outdoor activities and want to see the beautiful places of Ukraine, Transcarpathia – it is exactly what you need! There is a huge number of unique attractions, among which should be singled out is the highest natural reservoir of the Ukrainian Carpathians – Lake Synevir. It is located in the mountains at an altitude of 989 m above sea level, surrounded by green pine trees and offers travelers the finest landscapes , giving unique emotions.

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Of course, today you can easily find a lot of offers visit with a guided tour of the lake Synevir, to the usual transport (buses, cars) . However, if you “to you” with the motorbike and love “drive adrenaline through the veins” – we suggest you try the innovative extreme summer tour: The trip – Mukachevo Mukachevo Sinevir – on professional motorcycle class “Enduro”, prepared for driving in off-road conditions.

This solution has a number of advantages compared to conventional tours:

  1. Prepared for off-road motorcycles, “Enduro” is much more comfortable and faster overcome the way to the lake Synevir, enduring now is not in the best condition (round trip by car – a real test).
  2.  Due to the high permeability of two-wheeled “iron horses” you can build an unconventional route, which allows to see on the way are many beautiful places in the heart of the Carpathians.
  3. The feeling of freedom and the spirit of the conqueror of vertices, overcome obstacles large and small in the saddle of a powerful «Enduro» – motorcycles – a great alternative to the traditional tour of the same type!

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Tour Options:

  • Route: Mukachevo Mukachevo – Sinevir – length of 320 km on public roads;
  • Duration: 10-12 hours;
  • Average Speed​​: 70-80 km/h.

Mandatory requirements for participation in the round:

  • The presence of the document confirming the right of driving a motorcycle (for example, for Ukraine it is right to open one category “A” );
  • Maintenance guide.


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