The one-day sightseeing tour of Berehove district

We offer individual one-day tour to the coastal and Berehove district

 Meeting at the railway / train station Mukachevo


  • Transfer to hotel, private sector (optional breakfast in a place or in a cafe).

Moving in Beregovo – Zakarpattia small town that became famous all over Ukraine for its thermal springs, where water has a high mineral content. Fortunately, not only in Beregovo, but in Beregovo district has unique thermal springs.

It’s no secret that being in the hot mineral water has a positive effect on the skin and the entire body as a whole: the pores are cleansed, and the body is filled with health. The healing properties of this water proved a variety of medical research, and the result is already visible after a couple of bathing there.

Visit the thermal pools to choose from “Kosino” or “Skylark”

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Free time, walk around the coastal town

Magic ancient city of Beregovo is situated at the foot of the western slopes of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Near the town is the border of Ukraine and Hungary , and this neighborhood was the basis for deep and rich history of the Transcarpathian town. After experiencing several times and having been dominated by several empires, the Coast today is the main center of Hungarian culture in Ukraine.

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Wine tasting in the private wine cellars Beregovo or village Bene Beregovo district (optional )

In Beregovo district several famous tasting rooms, where of course, you can taste the best wines.

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The price includes:

  • guide services guide
  • rent a van;
  • fuel.

The price not included:

  • accommodation;
  • food;
  • tickets for the swimming pools and tasting rooms.

The total length of the route: 100 – 120 km.

The tour is conducted from two to seven people.

Total travel time: 8 — 9 hours.

Total cost of the tour: from 850 to 950 UAH, depending on the route.


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