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Soak up the atmosphere of drive and extreme .

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If you are looking for a holiday near the sea or a lake, with a lazy sunbathing on the bitch, sipping soft drinks between breakfast, lunch and dinner then you have a wrong address…We offer to everyone an active rest in Transcarpathia, crazy drive, a lot of adrenaline, the opportunity to challenge the world around us.

Enduro tour it’s an unique chance to prove to everyone and especially to yourself that you, the nature and the motorcycle make a hole… Enduro tourism is a thrill when through the forest trails, through the potholes and water crossing once again you stayed in the saddle, didn’t fall and conquered a new vertex. All this will be always bright moments in your memories!

And of course photos and videos will be an extra nice bonus with an unique scenery and a thrilling story, which you will want to share with your friends. Our innovative endure tour it is an opportunity to travel on an endure motorcycle in many beautiful unexplored corners of Transcarpathia, where never set a tourist’s foot.

We offer routes of any complexity, from beginner to pro, we select individually the most optimal endure tour for you. You can carry out your wildest dream on our motorcycles: to ride along the forest trails and virgin snow, mountain ranges and rugged country, to overcome the various water obstacles, to ride through the swamp and the road and much more – endure tour guarantees a high spirits and extreme.

Enduro tourism is for those who feels a surge of adrenalin.

A lot of people associate the word excursion with a large bus, crowds of 40 people and a guide with a megaphone who sadly broadcasters a memorized text…

We have nothing against such a holiday in the Carpathians, but we believe that our quests should have alternatives and we offer you with pleasure an individual excursion in Transcarpathia for small groups from 2 to 7 persons at the most interesting, beautiful and original places of our region.

Excursions in Transcarpathia – it’s mountains, waterfalls, lakes, hot springs, wineries and many other attractions, combined with a cheerful guide who knows their history, as well as many local mysteries and legends than will give you a memorable holiday in the Carpathians.

Diversify your rest in Transcarpathia. Our excursions are not a list of sample itineraries, but an opportunity for everyone to choose his own place which he wants to visit.